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  • Developer: TALKATONE, INC.
  • Genre: Communication
  • Version: 6.5.14
User Rating: Rating 4.49

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Release Date
Feb 21, 2012
Windows PC


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Get Closer to Your Family - Call for Free With Talkatone App

David Morgan

Talkatone is an application that allows users to make, receive phone calls using their internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. Software provides a number of features that design to make it easy for persons to keeping touch with their contacts, such as ability to send text message, make video calls.


Interface is clean and simple, making it easy to navigate. Main screen Talkatone app for free shows a list of your recent calling, you can access your contacts, settings, other features from menu bar at top of screen. Main screen has all of options that you would need, such as making a calling, sending a text, or checking your voicemail. Call and text screens are very straightforward, voicemail screen gives you a list of all of your voicemails. Main screen has two tabs – one for calling, one for texts. You can access Talkatone app download your contact, settings from main screen. Call screen shows your recent calls, you can tap on a contact to call them.


Product is easy to use, quality of calls is generally good. Software download Talkatone for free does require you to have a strong internet connection in order to make and receive calls, so it’s not ideal if you’re trying to make a call from a remote location with a weak signal. Making a call or sending a text is as simple as selecting the contact that you want to communicate with and then selecting appropriate option. Program has a very clear and concise tutorial that walks you through basics of how to use Talkatone download for Windows application. Making calls and sending texts is straightforward, application is designed to work well on both WiFi, data connections. Product has a low-data mode, which is great for people who have limited data plans.


In addition to making and receiving phone calling, you can send text messages and make video calls. Software Talkatone for free provides a number of settings that you can customize, such as ability to set up a voicemail greeting, choose which notifications you receive. It allows you to make calling, send texts over internet, which is perfect for when you don’t have cell service or if you want to save on your cell phone’s data plan. Program has a voicemail feature, which is very convenient. Voicemail feature Talkatone Android app is very useful, and I've found it to be very reliable.


Provides customer support through its website, company has an active presence on social media. Company’s customer support team is generally responsive and helpful, they offer a variety of resources that can help you troubleshoot any problems you may be having with app. If you have any questions or concerns about Talkatone for PC, you can contact customer support through app’s website. Customer support is very responsive, always available to help you with any issues that you may have.


  • What do I need in order to use?
    All you need is an iPad, iPod touch, or Android device and an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G).
  • How do I get a free phone number?
    When you sign up, you’ll be given a free phone number. You can choose your area code and select a phone number from a list of available numbers.
  • How much does Talkatone online on PC cost?
    Is free to download and use. You can purchase minutes to make calls to landlines and mobile phones, or you can earn free minutes by completing offers or watching videos.
  • How do I make calls?
    To make a calling, simply tap on the “Dial” tab and enter the phone number you’d like to calling. You can add contacts by tapping on the “Contacts” tab, then tapping on the “Add Contact” button.
  • How do I know if someone is calling me?
    When you receive a calling, you’ll see a notification on your screen. You can set up app to ring your device or vibrate when you receive a call.


Overal, Talkatone for PC download is a good option for users who want to make, receive calling utilized their internet connection. Software is easy to use and offers a number of features that are designed to make it easier for users to keep in touch with their contacts. Quality of calling is generally good, but you will need a strong internet connect in order to use the app.


  • You can use your regular number
  • Product uses your regular cell phone plan to make calls or send texts
  • You can use the app to call or text any phone number in the world
  • Has a clean, simple interface that is easy to use
  • Is available for free on the App Store, Google Play


  • Is not available in all countries
  • Requires a data connection to make calls or send texts
  • Does not support MMS (picture messaging)

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